Black Savage Sentenced for Racial Murder of Beautiful Megan Boken

November 24, 2013

Megan Boken
Megan Boken. RIP.

This is one of those murders that the media calls “an attempted robbery,” even though the victim was slaughtered and nothing was stolen. Megan Boken was sitting in her car talking on her cell phone when Keith Esters burst into her car and shot her twice.

Most news articles that came up on internet searches do not even show a picture of the victim. The media is making the murder into a story about cell phone theft, even though her cell phone was not even stolen. The thug was charged with 1st degree murder, but offered a 2nd degree plea bargain. During the court hearing for his plea bargain he testified that he would have liked to steal her cell phone, but it fell out of reach when her slaughtered her.

The Killers.
Keith Esters and his accomplice.

The level of violence vastly outweighs the financial gain of acquiring a used cell phone. The primary motivate was undoubtedly a desire to kill this beautiful woman. To call her murder an “attempted robbery” is an insult. The media is suggesting that anti-theft “kill switches” on cell phones would have prevented the murder. This is highly unlikely.

Keith Esters was sentenced to life plus twenty years. Life, in Missouri, means 25.5 to 30 years.

Another thug is still awaiting sentencing for being an accomplice and driving Keith Esters away from the scene.