Black Savage Nearly Kills Old White Man

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2017

You can’t count on Blacks for much, but one thing you can always rely on them for is attacking the weakest targets they can.

Women, children, the elderly, cripples. They do it extremely well too.


A 70-year-old Roanoke man is telling the story of the frightening moments of an assault that he barely survived. A man beat him, stole money from him, tied him up and burned down his apartment early Tuesday morning.

He says he didn’t know Martin well. He met him through a friend.

“He seemed fine,” Kakert said of Martin. “He said, ‘Hey Skip. How you doing?’ I said, ‘I ain’t seen you in a while. How you doing?'”

This was his mistake, he relaxed around Blacks.

He says when Martin showed up to his apartment, he offered him some of the spaghetti he and his roommate were eating for dinner. After his roommate left, Martin attacked.

“He took a knife to my throat then he dragged me in the bathroom by my hair, took a towel and wrapped it around my throat, banging my head, ‘Give me your money. Give me your money. Give me your money,'” Kakert said.

He says Martin beat him up for more than an hour, then tied his hands and legs, using the cord for Kakert’s oxygen machine.

“I acted like I was knocked out, and that’s when he set the bed on fire,” he said.

Kakert says he moved slowly to the front door. He says he’s grateful that his neighbor, Chad Corby, heard his screams and helped him.