Black Sabbath Selling Black Lives Matter T-Shirts

Oh please no.

This is too much.


Black Sabbath is taking a stance in the fight for racial justice and equality.

The rock band is selling Black Lives Matter T-shirts themed after Black Sabbath’s iconic Master Of Reality album cover. The shirts are being sold for $25, with all proceeds going to the non-profit Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, they announced on Tuesday.

Fans can pre-order the shirts, which don the band’s purple logo transformed to read “Black Lives Matter.” They are expected to ship mid-July.

I should have known.

Any of these Satan-themed metal bands can’t be trusted.

Sabbath was admittedly Satan-lite, as far as metal goes, and several members of the band have professed Christianity.

But you know who’s not endorsing black riots?

Iron Maiden.

They are Christian-themed metal that was never promoted by the media like Sabbath, even though they were a better band.

They even tried to warn us about the Bill Gates agenda.