Black Returns to the Jungle to Confront His Cannibal Tribe 13 Years After They Tried to Eat Him Alive

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2019

First Channel 4’s The British Tribe Next Door show, and now this.

British television is turning into a huge “blacks aren’t human” ad.

Daily Mail:

A six-year-old boy who was condemned to death by his cannibalistic tribe because they thought he was a witch after his parents died has returned to the jungle to reunite with the people who planned to eat him.

Wawa Chombonggai grew up in the Korowai tribe in West Papua where villagers believe bad spirits are to blame when a person suddenly dies.

Wawa pictured as a child

The clan traditionally hunt the person they believe is responsible for and unexpected death, before killing them and eating their flesh for their perceived crime.

When both Wawa’s parents died in 2006, they believed it was because he was a witch and began planning his gruesome death.

Setting aside the cannibalism thing for a moment there… why did both of his parents die if he wasn’t a witch though?

But Kornelius Sembiring, a former guide in the region for Channel Seven, heard of Wawa’s plight and rescued the child – taking him into his home in Sumatra 13 years ago.

Wawa is now 20 and still living with Mr Sembiring and his family – thankful for his second chance at life.

Wawa now

Now, the sports science university student returned to his former tribe, saying he wanted to tell his people they shouldn’t kill and eat one another.

Wawa went into the jungle with his foster brothers and sister Wilhelmus, Devi and Lepina for the emotional reunion last week.

The devout Christian shook hands with the tribe’s leader before his aunts embraced him and lamented the lost years with their nephew.

Wawa, who speaks no English, was overwhelmed with the greeting. He broke down in tears while Mr Sembiring spoke for him.

‘Before he feels like he was just alone. But now… [it feels like] he had a big family,’ Mr Sembiring told Sunday Night.

But despite the warm welcome, Wawa eventually confronted his Korowai family about what happened to his uncle, who was killed due to an affair with another man’s wife.

We should talk and discuss in a nice way to get a solution. Why do you kill like that? Don’t we have a solution like talking to the other people or talking to the leader of society?‘ he asked.

He wanted his tribe to learn a different way of life, as its members are currently ‘weak’ and susceptible to being taken over by another group, he said.

He wants his tribe to stop being what they are and to be more like white people, in other words.

It’s always a good thing to remind people that there’s still parts of the world with cannibal tribes murdering and eating kids (and what skin color those tribes have).

“Did you know blacks eat kids in West Papua?”

Now, it would be interesting to look into why some people, when watching this kind of show, may feel the urge to bring blacks into human cities while others may want to keep them as far away as possible.

How can someone watch this and think it is a good idea to “teach” blacks how to act more white?

Do they think they can “teach” hyenas how to be vegan too?

If they want to change blacks, aren’t they implicitly stating that blacks doing natural black things is unacceptable?

If racism is bad, why do they want blacks to stop eating other blacks and to act more like how white people act?