Black Retard Kanye West Gives Retarded Apology to His Jew Owners

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2013

Kanye West: He's not actually retarded, he's just black.
Kanye West: He’s not actually retarded, he’s just black.

Kanye West, who probably holds average black levels of intelligence and self-control, but is internationally regarded as one of the stupidest people ever to be constantly featured on television as if he for some reason mattered, has apologized to the Jews for saying they had money.

His apology was pretty funny.

I really don’t like that people, in all the interviews I’ve been doing lately or recently, there’s so much motivation, inspiration and insight, and what they’ll do is they’ll just take this one sound bite that sounds the most awkward in a way.


Also, I think there was another statement, I thought that I was giving a compliment, but if anything, it came off more ignorant. When I said this comment about Jews having money and blacks not having money, I think that it was kind of like an ignorant compliment. I think it was an ignorant compliment.

I don’t know how being told you have money is like an insult. That would be like if [somebody] complimented black guys and said, ‘All black guys got big penises.’ You don’t want to be the black guy that raises your hand, like, ‘No! That’s not true. I got proof.’ I thought by saying everybody had money that would be a compliment. It was an ignorant compliment. Maybe I would like take that statement away.

Yes, maybe you would like to take that statement away, or maybe the Jews will go ahead and take all your fame and money away, and send you back to live in some ghetto trying to sell crack instead of being celebrated as if you have some talent, serving your owners, further breaking down the structure of White society.

Kanye's Jew owner, Lucian Grainge.
Kanye’s Jew owner, Lucian Grainge.

The other thing you could do though, Kanye, is go rouge like Tila Tequila and start denying the holohoax and calling Jews “dirty kikes.”

I think you should consider it.