Black Rapper Too Short Says He’s “Not a Hitler Hater”

Daily Stormer
April 23, 2014

Here you have the black rapper Too Short saying that he is not a Hitler-hater.


We got Short Saturday at The Forum in L.A. and asked the weed enthusiast if the joy of 4/20 was dampened by the fact it’s also Hitler’s birthday.

Short fired back … “Hitler got his. He is where he’s supposed to be,” adding, “What happened was supposed to happen.”

He goes on to say in the end the Germans didn’t wipe out all the Jews. True enough … only 6 million.

lol @ 6 million.

Most black people respect Hitler, even with all the lies about him that say he wanted to kill all the black people, which they no-doubt accept without thinking about it. They respect Hitler because Hitler was interested in the interests of his own people, and asserted himself to this end.

Conversely, blacks hate modern Whites because they are so weak that they refuse to stand up for their own interests in any way.