Black Power Tennis: Sharapova vs Williams

Morgoth’s Review
July 12, 2015

How is this fair?
How is this fair?

Once upon a time “Ladies” Tennis was a dainty affair, because the women who played against each other were European, and therefore physically similar, the path to victory was to skillfully wrong foot an opponent or draw them close to the net and then reply with a lob over their heads.

That all changed with the arrival of the Williams sisters. Surprisingly the peculiar looking lesbian presenting the BBC coverage of the Sharapova vs Williams match said so much, repeatedly using such terms as “Raw Power Tennis” and “William’s awesome strength.”

I didn’t tune in for the Tennis, I tuned in for Maria Sharapova, a woman for whom the “14 Words” could have been written. I knew she would lose, because European women are not built like African women and cannot possibly compete in a test of strength and power. The statistics are stark, Maria is ranked number 4 in the world, yet out of 20 matches against Williams she has lost 18. Of the top 5 fastest serves ever in women’s Tennis the Williams sisters, the only black players ever to have been in the sport at a high level, occupy 2 slots. As I watched this great behemoth blast balls at Maria at 125 mph I was less concerned with Maria winning than I was with seeing her leave the court in one piece.

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The Williams sisters have dominated women’s Tennis for 13 years and during that time European women have had to come up with tactics to counter the raw power of the African physiology. One tactic, that of Maria, is to try and ”bulk up” and compete physically with the Williams, the other is to use superior speed and agility to gradually chip away at the African powerhouse, it’s a women’s Tennis version of “Rope a Dope.”

Maria and Serena Williams are, in all likely hood, about 50,000 years removed from each other in terms of common ancestry and racial development. Maria’s ancestors have had to scratch out an existence in the snowy wastes of Northern Europe for eons. The difficulties and challenges would have been:

*How do we keep the children warm when it’s -50 degrees.

*How can we preserve meat and fish during both warm and cold seasons.

*How can we make best use of 6 hours of daylight a day, what shall we do when it is so often dark.

*If we plant the seeds as soon as it thaws we will have to wait, but in time we will have an abundant food source.

*The wolf’s fur keeps it warm, it will also keep me warm but how do I get it.

Meanwhile, Serena’s ancestors out in Africa faced other difficulties

*If I rip the jaw bone off that dying zebra I will have a full belly and a weapon.

*If I rape many women I can produce so many babies not all of them will die of disease.

The problem of course is that modernity has to try and bash square shapes into triangular holes, the requirements for playing women’s Tennis are “Human, Female” and we simply can’t discuss whether there might be serious differences within that. Like the lesbian presenter we are forced to accept the lie that Williams simply trains harder or is a “Great Athlete.”

In the realm of academic achievement where the tables are drastically turned against blacks our cultural commanders have had to perform all manner of logical somersaults and juggling acts to keep the lie alive. However, the reality of inequality in nature has had the last laugh, Maria Sharapova’s net worth is $175 Million, and the bulk of that has come from modelling and advertising, at least until we are also forced to believe that Serena is just as beautiful as Maria.