Black Posts Photo of Himself Kneeling on Neck of Girlfriend’s White Son, Black Teacher Says to Kill the Child

I keep telling you that they want to kill us, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to be sinking in. A recent situation that unfolded on social media might help you with that.

In a photo uncovered on Facebook by the Red Elephants’ Vincent James, an individual who was identified as Isaiah Jackson of Ohio posted a photograph of himself kneeling on the neck of a white toddler while another black held the toddler on the floor. The caption read “Blm now mf.”

The screaming toddler whose neck he was kneeling on was apparently the son of his white girlfriend. It’s rather easy to imagine the story here: the woman went out of the house, leaving this step-father figure with the white son, and he decided to make a “funny” picture for social media.

Apparently, after the man’s account was identified and many people called the police on him, he was arrested.

Although people on Facebook are claiming he has been charged over the photo, local media WHIO reports that after receiving calls about the photo, they went to the house to check on the child and arrested the man simply for a probation violation, and that no charges have been filed in relation to the photo at this time.

The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office said that they are looking into charging the man over the photo.

This situation has been ongoing for several days, but it has yet to be featured on any national media. We of course wouldn’t expect the mainstream Jewish outlets to report on a black man torturing a white child, but it is notable that neither Fox News nor Breitbart have found this story important enough to report on.

While the photo was still up, a black teacher from Atlanta named Brian Papin commented on the photo, calling for the man standing on the child’s neck to “lean into it until death.”

If Papin is ever questioned about this by his employer, he will certainly say he was just joking. I’m sure there was some element of joking to it. I’ve made morbid political jokes before.

However, when you see a child being tortured, and you decide to respond by publicly making a joke about killing the child, you’ve gone to a pretty dark place.

It’s time for white people to wake up to the fact that these blacks truly hate us, and they will feel nothing in killing us. If you combine that fact with the Democrat plan to remove the police, as well as the situation in St. Louis, where whites are being charged with a crime for defending their home against a black mob in their front yard by simply holding guns, then you have a very bad situation forming.

The blacks are going to go to people’s houses to kill them. The police will not come if you call them. If you defend yourself against the blacks who are invading your home to kill you, you will get charged for crimes against “peaceful protesters.”

This is the harsh reality we are facing if Joe Biden gets elected, and it is why all of us need to do everything in our power to get Trump elected. At the same time as we are working to get Trump elected, we must also each as individuals think about our personal situations, and how safe we will be if the blacks are on the march and we not only can’t count on the police to defend us, but cannot defend ourselves.

I have asserted that you are going to do best if you are outside of the big cities. The absolute best is if you are in a rural area or a small town, and you are directly involved in the local government. You still have time now to get out of the city, to go to a smaller municipality, and declare a run for local office. You can run on opposition to Black Lives Matter, as well as opposition to the virus regime, and you are going to get support. In virtually any red area, if you make these your main agendas, and do the work of going around door-to-door and talking to the people, you are pretty much assured a win, assuming you are not running against someone very popular.

If you have a position in local government, you will then be in a position to defend the community from the federal government by organizing the people.