Black Pimpess: “I Ain’t Runnin’ No Ho’ House”

Dayton Daily News
September 12, 2013

GreenyA woman accused of providing her home to be used for prostitution said today she is “not a madam.”

Willona Campbell told News Center 7 when her friend was arrested for accepting cash in exchange for sexual favors she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I don’t promote prostitution,” Campbell said Thursday. “I don’t knock nobody; whatever you do is what you do, but I ain’t running no ‘ho house,’” she said.

“It’s just ridiculous and it’s making us look real bad on TV,” Campbell said.

In an on-camera interview with News Center 7, she said she had no knowledge of her friend, Khalilah Scott, 35, having an advertisement posted on the Internet, and she believed the police lied.

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