Black Pigeon on “Alt-Right is Using NATO Psy-War Tech” Paper

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2017

Black Pigeon did a video on the study we reported on yesterday, which accused the Alt-Right of using leaked NATO psychological warfare techniques to elect Donald Trump and AfD.

Interestingly enough, Daily Stormer, along with /pol/, are the two main targets of this study (pdf of full text).

We even get credit for electing AfD – even though there is no evidence (????).

We were able to infiltrate a community of activists who were seeking to influence the German elections. To date, there is not enough evidence to prove centralised funding or coordination structures behind these pro-AfD campaigns. However, our research suggests connections to the alt-right hacker and troll Andrew Auenheimer (aka. Weev) and the Daily Stormer

I’ll take it!

Anyway, I’ve not sat down and read the entire thing straight through, but I’m going to at some point in the next week, and give a more detailed analysis.

The gist of it is that memes are a form of warfare and thus need to be shut down. Under that demand is the assumption that we are, of course, evil, because we don’t want our countries overrun and destroyed by brown people from everywhere. If you didn’t have that underlying assumption, you’d have to ask why it is okay for the globalist establishment media to use blatant psychological warfare against the public, while the public is not allowed to engage in the same practice.

BP points out that the head of the organization that published this text is a Paki Moslem.

I think it is fair to call what we do “psychological warfare.” But then, anyone trying to convince anyone of anything, or promote any agenda, should be able to be accused of the same – unless they are just totally incompetent and not using any form of technique (i.e. scientific methods of marketing).

And that’s the thing: generally, the right-wing has failed to use technique. The Jew nephew of Jew Freud published “Propaganda” 90 years ago, and these techniques have been used by advertisers and left wing politicians ever since, but the right-wing tends to think that they will win simply by “being honest.” That has not worked. Instead, we have just lost ground since the 60s, never gained any ground back.

I took notice of what was clear technique being used by 4chan, and incorporated that into this platform, and had great success, making Daily Stormer the single most read pro-white publication in all of history.

This relates to recent discussions we’ve been having in the Alt-Right as to the “optics” of the burgeoning real world movement. My view is that people should figure out what will sell our ideas to the public and allow us to gain state power, while others claim we should have no strategy and instead follow whichever “values and principles” they prefer.