Black Pigeon is Going to Get Shoah’d Off YouTube I Betcha

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2017

Black Pigeon’s latest video on the now infamous #MoreThanARefugee video and the response to it is fantastic.

Sargon of Akkad is also on the verge of going full-Nazi. His latest is great. He is seriously 92% there at this point.

He’s lost weight too.

Bravo, Sargon.

You don’t have to publicly thank my diet plan of paleo mixed with intermittent fasting for that… but it would be funny if you did.

I think YouTube is going to eventually kick all of these people off. They are plotting some plan to do it.

It’s just that it’s not just mid-level few hundred thousand subs YouTubers who are a problem.

PewDiePie himself is close to 1488.

JonTron actually is 1488.

Keemstar is a racist.

Leafy makes fun of black people and women all the time.

So if they’re going to kick Sargon and BP, they’re pretty much going to have to ban the entirety of the site’s core content producing lineup.

In some fantasy wold, PewDiePie would just leave the platform with his tens of millions and create his own competing site, which allows free speech. Censorship is going to get so outrageous that he wouldn’t have trouble getting financers by just saying “we’re doing 100% free speech, just to avoid the pitfalls of trying to censor speech.”

And that is really the only option for a platform, just like with the law: if you censor at all (beyond the legal requirements relating to terrorist recruitment and child pornography), you are already on the slippery slope, and you don’t have any way to excuse why you are deleting some content and not others.

For example, in the above BP video, he at the end names both David Miliband and George Soros as being behind the refugee organization that produced the video in question. He doesn’t say “the Jews Miliband and Soros,” but he says two Jewish names. Is that anti-Semitism?

No one knows.

The Jews would probably say that yes, saying Jews did something that they actually did is anti-Semitism. They certainly said this when Trump talked about Soros and Goldman Sachs, even though Trump has never come close to saying the word “Jew,” and has in fact repeatedly voiced support for them as a group.

Social media is definitely in the throes of a great transformation. Facebook clamped it a long time ago, Twitter is basically just as bad at this point, YouTube is in flux – but all of them are under enormous pressure to forgo profits in order to push a politically correct censorship agenda more aggressively.

One thing I know for sure:

Gab sucks.