Black Pervert Attempts Rape of 68-Year-Old White Woman

May 17, 2014

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Pua Harvey had a very lucky escape when a Black pervert exposed himself to her and then tried to force his way in through her door.

Police are looking for a man who assaulted and tried to rape a 68-year-old woman in Greenspoint.

The incident happened on April 1 around 9:15 a.m. in the 800 block of Greens Road.

Pua Harvy was cleaning her rug outside when the man approached her. When she turned around, he was partially naked. He grabbed her by the arms and tried to force her back into her apartment.

“I was shaking my rug before I was going to vacuum,” said Harvy. “A car stopped here on the street. He stopped to ask me, ‘Can I help you with that?’ I said no.”

Harvy said the man exposed himself and rushed her door and tried to push his way in.

“I was trying to slam the door on his fingers,” said Harvy. “Finally, he broke his way into my apartment. As soon as the door opened up, I flew out.”

The rapist looks like all the other ones who rape defenceless elderly women. I know a way to stop it, why dont we make them into Police detectives, judges and lawyers.

Harvy said she was caught off guard. She moved here from Hawaii and didn’t think something like this would happen to her.

Neighbors are now watching out for her.

“She was bruised and upset,” said Shirley Harris. “I was really angry.”

The suspect was seen in a PT Cruiser or Chevy HHR style car. He is described as being in his late 20s to early 30s with an average build. He’s about 5’9 to 5’10.

Call Crime Stoppers with any tips at 713-222-TIPS. You can remain anonymous.