Black Pervert Arrested for Jerking-Off in Tim Hortons

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2018

Ali Ali.

When I saw this headline I was greatly disturbed.

Tim Hortons is the greatest coffee shop on this earth, and now nogs are tainting it with their perversions.


A man was arrested after being accused of putting his hands down his pants and rubbing himself at a Tim Hortons located at 10 Mile Road in Farmington Hills on April 2.

The manager reportedly saw that Ali Ali, 39, was making other customers uncomfortable, so she asked him to leave twice. When he refused, she called police.

Police say Ali was sitting with his arms crossed, legs spread apart and penis erect. Additionally, the man’s pants were loose enough to allow him to put his hands down his pants.

According to police, he was not able to be interviewed due to a language barrier, but had an expired employment authorization card from Homeland Security saying he was from Sudan.