Black People: Mother Leaves Baby on Doorstep of Man, Man Chases Her Down and Smashes Out Her Car Windows

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I’m simply shocked that black people would behave this way.

Daily Mail:

A shocking video shows the moment when a mother drops her baby off at a man’s doorstep only for him to chase her down and smash the windows of the vehicle she tried to flee in.

In the brief clip, the mother can be seen carrying her baby’s car seat up unto a doorstep at a Wellston, Missouri, home. Wellston is the city northwest to St. Louis.

The woman screams that the child is outside before darting back to her vehicle.

But the woman doesn’t get far before a man opens the door and runs after her, carrying the baby seat.

The man then punches the window and breaks it, moving on to other windows on the vehicle.

The clip ends with the two screaming at each other as the woman tries to get away from the scene.

I’m always shocked to see blacks behaving badly, because the Jewish media told me that they’re all saints.

But probably this behavior is just a result of what the DEMOCRATS did to St. Louis.

Used to be a nice spot.

Now… maybe not so much.