Black People – Just Lol. I Only Can Lol.

The violence bothers me, of course.

But what bothers me so, so much more is the fact that Jews and white women demand that we view these savages as victims, and take responsibility for their outrageous, absurd behavior.

The Independent:

A pregnant mother-of-three wanted for killing one police officer and wounding another has been arrested in Illinois.

Xandria Harris, 26, of Bradley, Illinois, turned herself in at the Bradley Police Department at around 4pm on Friday afternoon in connection to the shooting of the two officers at a motel on 29 December, according to Illinois State Police.

Ms Harris surrendered to authorities in the presence of her attorney just hours after a man also suspected in the shooting was arrested in Indiana.

Darius Sullivan, 26, was taken into custody without incident at a home in North Manchester, police said.

Multiple law enforcement agencies joined a huge multi-state manhunt to search for the two suspects after they went on the run following Wednesday’s fatal shooting.

The shooting unfolded when officers were called to reports of a noise complaint that dogs were barking in an unattended vehicle in the parking lot of the Comfort Inn in the 1500 block of North State Highway 50 on Wednesday, police said.

Bradley Police Sergeant Marlene Rittmanic, 49, and her partner Officer Tyler Bailey, 27, responded to the scene at the motel at around 9:40pm.

The two officers entered the motel and located the room where the owner of the vehicle was believed to be staying.

Police said the officers were speaking to the people inside when the individuals opened fire, shooting both Sgt. Rittmanic and Officer Tyler.

The officers were both rushed to hospital where Sgt. Rittmanic died from her injuries.

“What are you in for?”

“I locked my dogs in the car in the night and the neighbors called the police to complain that they were barking, so I shot at the cops.”

Just so we’re all clear on what went on here, here’s Sgt. Rittmanic:

I think it’s probably pretty safe to say that the pregnant black woman would have behaved differently had she been dealing with males.

This is her partner, Officer Bailey:

If he’d gone alone and knocked on the door and said “guys, we got a noise complaint, is there any way you can bring the dogs in the house and try to get them to settle down a bit?”, then I don’t think anyone would have gotten shot. We’ve all seen the videos of the way these female cops just go buckwild with the power trip. Instead of just handling the noise issue, she would have been trying to get into the house, getting aggressive, and all of these other behaviors we’re all familiar with having spent our lives around white women. Black people respond very poorly to that kind of behavior. It’s also just a fact, for all races, that a woman telling you what to do is going to be degrading.

(And for the record, aside from the woman thing, I’m actually in 100% support of black officers responding to calls involving blacks. We won’t ever know if the woman would have made the decision to open fire if two male black officers had shown up to investigate the barking dogs, but I think it’s probably safe to say that the statistical chances of that happening would have been significantly lower.)

Here’s a great question: Which is dumber?

  1. Portraying ludicrously violent black people as victims, or
  2. Sending female cops to try to control ludicrously violent black people?

I don’t know which is dumber or more deranged, frankly.

They’re apparently linked, as if black people really are the infantile, gentle, vulnerable little angels that the media and government claim they are, then it makes sense to send in women to basically play the role of nursemaid for these helpless creatures.

I suppose the situation is on par with claiming that vaccines are safe and effective and that children have always had heart attacks.