Black People are Right About the Media

A black male was arrested for beating a TV cameraman in San Francisco.

If it had been a random white person or an Asian, the cop would have just done this:

But of course, not even the blacks are allowed to attack the sacred media priest class.

That’s just the truth of the new reality in America.

There is no such thing as equal justice.

Whites and Asians are randomly assaulted on the street nonstop by blacks and the police do nothing. But Jews and the media are protected.

I know that somewhere there are police training courses happening where the cops are told: “if a black attacks a white or an Asian – and certainly if he attacks another black – just don’t do anything. However, if a black assaults a member of the media or a Jew, or someone you believe to be a member of the media or a Jew, arrest him immediately. Also, protect the gays and trannies.”

This is going to get leaked at some point.