Black People: 15 Shot at Party (2 Dead) on the Southside of Chicago

Them niggas out in Chicago, they know how to party.


Gunfire erupted at a party on Chicago’s South Side early Sunday, killing two people and wounding 13 others, authorities said.

Officers responded at around 4:40 a.m., police spokesman Jose Jara said in a statement. Those shot were between the ages of 20 to 44. Jara earlier said 12 people had been shot, but police later raised the figure to 15.

Seven of the wounded were taken to hospitals in serious to critical condition, fire department spokesman Larry Merritt told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Speaking to reporters near the scene of the shooting in Chicago’s Park Manor neighborhood, Police Superintendent David Brown said investigators were still seeking a possible motive.

Brown said four guns were recovered at the scene, but he didn’t say whether investigators believe more than one person fired shots. No arrests had been made.

“We have a lot of work to do,” Brown said. “Detectives are really just getting started.”

A bar had been step up in a garage attached to the business for what Brown described as a “pop-up party.”

Red and black balloons, as well as a shoe, were on the ground outside the business shortly after the shooting, the Chicago Tribune reported.

There’s always a shoe.

It’s hilarious to try to apply the white legal system to black behavior.

They’re “looking for a motive.”

Well, I can tell you the motive:

Nigga #1: The fuck you lookin at?

Nigga #2: Mothafuka you lookin at me, best get up off

Nigga #1: Nah, nigga, I seen you be lookin at me, little bitch ass nigga

(Crews begin to gather around)

Nigga #2: Yall best be get the fuck up out my face, yall niggas tryin ta test me

Nigga #1: You a bitch mothafuka, Im botta fuck you up

Nigga #2: Bitch Im put a hole in your bitch ass


That’s actually the way these people behave. This is in no way an exaggeration.

And they don’t know about guns, as much as they use them, and they constantly do this thing where they pull it out of their pants and just start squeezing the trigger over and over, within crowded places. And if one person start shooting, others will. They don’t aim and often hold the gun sideways.

None of these white women who support the blacks have ever been around them in their own culture, ever.

Black lives obviously don’t matter to black people. The only people who care about black lives are white women, and totally feminized white men. It’s the same people who believe coronavirus is a deadly plague and that cow farts are going to cause New York to be under water by 2017. They are people who will believe anything if it is considered to be a social norm.

Remember the Aztecs, sometimes killing hundreds of people a day, because the authorities said if they didn’t, the sun would stop coming out and the corn would stop growing in the endless darkness.

As I’ve said many times: the Aztecs couldn’t fact-check the priests.

White women have access to five different body cams of the George Floyd arrest, showing him saying he can’t breathe before he was even handcuffed.

Once women were allowed in public life, it was game over.