Black Panther Wins BEST Movie Ever Made in the History of Movies That Were Ever Made

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2019

What? You thought black people were losers? Think again.


“Black Panther” broke through an Oscar category wall for superheroes.

The Marvel blockbuster hit became the first comic book-based film to earn a best picture nomination from the Academy Awards on Tuesday. It was a major step for comic book movies, which had previously been shunned from film’s top honor.


The most notable snub was 2008′s “The Dark Knight,” prompting the academy to expand the best picture category from five to up to 10 nominees.

It took a decade, but “Black Panther” cracked the category after becoming a box-office hit domestically and a cultural phenomenon. The film earned $700 million domestically during its theatrical run.

Overall, “Black Panther” was rewarded a total of seven nominations including Hannah Beachler and Jay Hart’s production design, Ruth E. Carter’s costume design and Kendrick Lamar and SZA’s song “All the Stars.” The film was also nominated for best sound editing, sound mixing and original score.

Beachler became the first African-American nominee for production design.

To break down a wall like that, to be your ancestors’ wildest dreams, to show other young women of color and boys and girls that you can do whatever you want no matter what struggles you have in your life — all of that. That’s what it means to me,” said Beachler, talking by phone from the Cincinnati set of Todd Haynes’ latest film.

Hannah, your ancestors’ wildest dreams are not exactly what you think they are…

The success of Black Panther speaks about the feeling of rootlessness that blacks feel.

They grow up in a world made by the white man, where relevant history features people with light skin, and where every important invention has white people behind it. They notice themselves missing, and they’re told that is because of slavery, because of colonialism, because of the white man’s evil.

Blacks don’t come from anywhere because they’re still where they started, and I think they are aware of that, deep down.

This movie gave them an alternative narrative. Wakanda gave them a backstory explaining why they aren’t featured in the history of the world aside from mentions of slavery, and they deem that backstory plausible because blacks have very basic brains, often surpassed by gorillas in IQ.

They don’t need the story to be real, they just need it to feel good, and Wakanda feels good. “Wakanda forever,” they say.

It shows them what they would be like if not for the white man.

But it’s a lie.

What they’d be like if not for the white man is still visible in the real world.

It must be hard for them to come to terms with their true nature and their true history, and blacks are known for shying away from difficult stuff. They just don’t have the capacity for anything greater than huts made from shit and mud.

They don’t even have the brainpower to keep their mouths closed while doing other stuff, like posing for a scene.

Just like children believing in Santa, blacks believe in Wakanda. It’s not about the existence of Wakanda, it’s about what Wakanda means, what it represents, and it represents one of their most known modern fantasies.

It means they were kangs.

It means they’re really worthy of their place in this world. It means they did something. It means their existence accounted for something.

This is their dream.

It is still a lie, though.

Niggers are worthless.