Black Panther Will be Shown in Theaters for Free to Honor Black History Month

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 29, 2019

Black Fake History month just upped the ante on fake history.


Disney has set a one-week engagement for “Black Panther” to return to theaters to celebrate Black History Month during Feb. 1-7 at 250 participating AMC locations.

Tickets are free for everyone, and there will be two showings per day at each participating theater. Disney will also give a $1.5 million grant to support the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) in furthering its mission to help minority students access and move to and through college.

Disney made the announcement Monday on the heels of “Black Panther” winning the SAG Award for cast in a motion picture. “Black Panther” grossed $700 million in North American box office and another $647 million internationally.

It is not just a meme that Jews are purposefully trying to convince people that Black Panther is some kind of documentary, and that Wakanda is real.

They are literally trying to do that.

Black History Month has always been problematic, as black history consists of:

Stone Age Africa

Being Slaves

Inventing Peanut Butter

Rioting and Demanding Free Everything

That’s it.

That is the entire history of this entire people.

So, the obvious thing to do when you are trying to promote a primitive, semi-human race as a kind of master race is to invent a completely new history for them.

That is what Black Panther is about.

I don’t think they actually believe they can get white people to believe that Wakanda is real, but they can get black people to believe it, and that is exactly what they are doing.

When blacks think that they actually invented spaceships and so on, and white people stole it from them, that simply makes them angrier than they already are.