Black Panther Keith Ellison Gets More Stuff Censored from Amazon

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2018

Keith Ellison is a literal black nationalist Nation of Islam guy.

Also an antifa supporter, though I guess that’s a little bit of a separate issue, and maybe it is even weird he holds both those positions.

Anyway, he just bullied Amazon into doing more censorship.


After scrutiny from a Congress member in July, Amazon has removed a number of products promoting racist propaganda from its site, the company said in a letter to Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota on Wednesday. Some of the products third-party sellers offered or self-published on Amazon included a cross-burning onesie for boys, a Nazi swastika pendant, a Nazi eagle sticker, and white nationalist literature.

Ellison told Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a letter last month that he was “alarmed” that hate groups identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Action Center on Race and the Economy were profiting by selling products and books that spread racist ideology on Amazon and that the company was taking a cut of their sales.

In a letter dated July 31, but received by Ellison’s office Wednesday, Amazon’s vice president of public policy Brian Huseman said the company prohibits product listings that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or that promote organizations with such views.

“Amazon has reviewed the products and content referenced in your letter, and we have removed those listings, and permanently blocked the seller accounts found to be in violation of our policies,” said Huseman. “We have restricted the inventory to prevent it from being sold and are in the process of removing it from our fulfillment centers.”

It declined to disclose financial information related to individual product listings in response to Ellison’s question about the company’s profits from the sale of materials available on Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace, Amazon’s self-publishing platforms that allow users to upload and sell their own literature online within minutes.

Amazon did not immediately reply to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment. Ellison’s office declined to comment on Amazon’s letter.

This is specifically what the smart nog (I know he is smart because he wears glasses) was complaining about:

That infographic there is from the Jewish ethnic activist and terrorist organization the SPLC. Which is sort of funny.

Because Jewish terror groups were the ones who cockblocked Ellison’s bid for head of the DNC, due to his past statements about Jews when he was active in the NoI.

He literally said that American foreign policy was governed by Israel. Which is simply a self-evident fact. But one you’re not supposed to ever point out.

But yeah – the ADL, the sister terror group of the SPLC, basically was responsible for organizing Democrat Party Jews to torpedo Ellison’s bid.

They brought The Dersh out.

Dude is actually pretty woke on the Jew shit. And the women shit. Telling bitches to shut dey mouth. But he’s a lunatic nigger.

Anyway, this guy working with Jews to call for an end to free speech is… funny.

Amazon, Fare Thee Well

Amazon, weirdly, was one of the last holdouts on shutting down free speech and embracing the slippery slope.

The first thing they ever banned was – wait for it – Holocaust denial books. And that was in March of 2017 – long after the rest of the tech companies had gone full “shut it down because the goyim know.”

It’s too bad.

But as soon as they banned the Holobooks, they lost the “we don’t ban anything” position, now they’re going to ban everything. That is called “the slippery slope.”

We are having our First Amendment rights violated by these people.

If we can’t sell on Amazon, we can’t run our own payment processors, we can’t even have website domains – they will tell you to sell them at a public forum, like a book show, but then they will call and have the venues cancel on you.

Are we supposed to sell them door-to-door in cash?

Is this the America we want? Where ideas are outlawed by an organized conspiracy of monopolistic corporations?

I am confident that if you did a referendum, most Americans would vote against that. Most Americans believe in freedom.

And here’s the thing: if our ideas are wrong, then why are we not allowed to discuss them?

Censorship is an admission that you don’t have an argument. It is an admission that the people you are censoring are at least partially correct in what they are saying.