Black NFL Star Punished After Being Accused of Using Fake Coronavirus Vaccine Card

Wow, this is actually surprising.

I had just assumed that both the NFL and the NBA were cooperating with the blacks to fake their vaccine certificates. Actually, I still assume that is happening, but I don’t understand how this guy got caught.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown has been suspended without pay for three games following a scandal in which he was accused of using a counterfeit card to prove that he’d been vaccinated against Covid-19.

The National Football League announced the punishment on Thursday, saying that Brown and two other players will be ineligible to play for the next three weeks. The league and the NFLPA players union issued a joint statement, saying that the three players – Brown, Buccaneers safety Mike Edwards and free agent receiver John Franklin III – had accepted their suspensions and wouldn’t file appeals.

An NFL-NFLPA review of accusations against Brown, Edwards and Franklin found that the players violated Covid-19 safety protocols by misrepresenting their vaccination status. Those rules impose tougher restrictions on players who aren’t inoculated, including mask-wearing, social-distancing requirements and a longer quarantine period if they test positive for the virus.

The protocols were jointly developed working with our respective experts to ensure that we are practicing and playing football as safely as possible during the ongoing pandemic,” the league and union said. “The NFL-NFLPA jointly reinforce their commitment and further emphasize the importance of strict adherence to the protocols to protect the well-being of everyone associated with the NFL.”

Brown’s alleged use of a fake vaccine card came to light last month, when his personal chef told the Tampa Bay Times newspaper that the star receiver offered him $500 to obtain the counterfeit document. The chef, Steven Ruiz, said Brown later showed him fake vaccine cards that he had acquired himself. Ruiz added that he witnessed a personal trainer taking a picture of Brown’s fake card to be provided to the Buccaneers as proof of vaccination.

Oh, okay. So his Mexican chef sold him out.

More anti-negro racism by the wetbacks, I see.

But it still doesn’t make sense. I would think this guy’s agent would be like “yeah, we got you on this one” and that the Jews who run the league would be cooperating. There is just no chance at all that all of the sports blacks are taking the vax.

Unlike white people, who are mostly cowardly scum, blacks will say “EY YO NIGGA AY AINT BEEN GON DO DAT SHIT DA FAQ OUT DER BITCH.”

Like, just look at LeBron coming out and saying he took the vax. Does anyone believe he did that? No, and neither are the Jews who run the league going to prevent him from faking it.

We are seeing all of these nonstop heart issues in European soccer and in the various hockey leagues, and we’re seeing none of them in American black sports. The only explanation for that is the obvious explanation – that all these blacks are faking the vax.

Black people are stupid, so if it was a case where they were all just figuring out their own fake vax cards, you’d have every nigga asking his Mexican chef to get it for $500. Or, he might ask the Mexican cleaning lady to get it for $5. You know – some really dumb thing.

Therefore – therefore – it is evident that the Jews who run the NFL and NBA are assisting these colored gentlemen in avoiding the vax.

NBA boss Adam Silver. Obviously I’m aware Roger Goodell isn’t Jewish, but just go look at a list of the executive management of the league, the financial officers, and the team owners.
Actually, you don’t have to look it up. Here’s a list from the Jewish Virtual Library. Goodell is a token goy in a totally Jewish industry, just like Jerome Powell.

If they do successfully vax the blax, then these sports will just no longer be possible. Just watch a basketball game some time and imagine how much the heart is involved in all that movement.

Maybe after the first three shots, a few niggas could keep on rolling, but we’ve now settled on shots every three months, and that just isn’t compatible with any kind of physical activity at all.