Italy: Black Moslem Enriches Italian Cop with Vibrant Knife

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2017

As Europe continues to engorge itself with an infinite number of illegal vibrants, more and more Europeans are being subjected to a phenomenon called “spontaneous enrichment.”

Spontaneous enrichment is form of cultural enrichment that White people don’t expect to receive, such as being attacked in a crowded bus or bombed in a Manchester stadium, but receive anyway due to a lifetime of good karma.

In Italy, the latest recipient of spontaneous enrichment is a lucky policeman from Milan, who was stabbed with a knife of tolerance after asking a Black Moslem if he needed something.


An immigrant shouted ‘I want to die for Allah’ as he was escorted away after attacking a police officer with a knife in Italy.

The 31-year-old Guinean man, identified as Saidou Mamoud Diallo, was immobilised and arrested on Monday afternoon [July 17] for attempted murder, Corriere della Sera reports.

According to the paper, Diallo was seen near Central Station in Milan where airport shuttles depart.

An airport shuttle attendant noticed him shouting and asked if he needed something, at which point he pulled out a knife and made threats.

The shuttle crew barricaded themselves in the shuttle bus in fear of Diallo, who was visibly distressed and shaking his knife. The bus occupants then called the police.

When police attended and restrained Diallo, he managed to attack one of the officers in the shoulder. Fortunately the police officer, who was taken to hospital, was wearing a bullet proof vest and only suffered a minor injury.

You know, I was always a little skeptical of the Jews’ desire to transform European countries into borderless melting pots, since that didn’t work out too well for ancient Rome, Egypt, India or the entire Middle East.

But as I continue to see how multiculturalism sharply penetrates the lives of those who experience it, like this Italian policeman, I’m beginning to understand why Jews promote it – especially in Israel.

I should have known better than to distrust Barbara. She has fantastic physiognomy.

The incident is similar to another which took place in the same area in May, when a half Tunisian man attacked a policeman and two soldiers with a kitchen knife.

A trend! How exciting!

It wouldn’t surprise me if thousands of Italians and tourists begin loitering in this colorful area just to get a taste of the good stuff.

I mean, yes, spontaneous enrichment can happen anywhere in contemporary Europe. But if there’s a place where it occurs more often than usual, why not take advantage of that fact?

Only a fool or an anti-Semite would want to miss out on some ad-hoc vibrancy.