Black Men with Jobs Actually Seem to Support Donald Trump

Fifty Cent retweeted Elijah Schaffer on Tuesday night, telling a hoe to “get out the way,” because the election is important.

This comes after Fifty endorsed Donald Trump, saying that he doesn’t care if he hates black people, he doesn’t want to pay Joe Biden’s taxes.

Soundcloud rapper Lil Pump and several others also endorsed Trump.

He came to one of the rallies before the election and Trump called him “Little Pimp.”

Of course, we all know Kanye West as the first major black rapper to endorse Trump.

He also has support from Mike Tyson.

The “right wing black male with a sense of personal responsibility who supports Donald Trump” phenomenon is going to have to be further examined. We’re gonna have to see these numbers. I will continue to insist that none of these people were impressed by Jared’s “First Step Act.” In fact, blacks who aren’t criminals support strong penalties for criminals.

The black male support for Trump is a separate phenomenon from most of the Trump outreach to the blacks, in my view, but I will be very interested to see the polling data. It’s likely that Trump got more black support than any Republican since the Civil Rights Act was passed.

My thinking is that there has to be some kind of agreement with the blacks. People claim that Trump is being a cuck when he talks about “black unemployment” – I have always responded that black unemployment is a white issue, because if blacks are employed, they’re not out on the streets committing crimes.

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The Democrat Party is becoming a party of women, more than anything else. It is women and men who want to be controlled by women, then it is immigrant populations who don’t have any right to be here that are getting that right from the Democrats.

I dislike blacks as much as anyone, but the very best way we can get them off of our backs is by getting them to have self-respect and work instead of acting like parasites. They want segregation, as we’ve continually seen with the complaints about “gentrification.” It’s clear there’s a deal to be made there.