Black Man Builds Bomb in Sushi Restaurant Then Calls Cops on Himself

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 21, 2019

Ivory Washington

This concerned black American citizen sacrificed himself to show everyone that niggers doing nigger stuff go unnoticed.

Daily Mail:

An Iowa man allegedly built a real bomb inside a sushi restaurant to prove no one would report his behavior. 

Police say Ivory Washington, 40, was sitting at a booth at Akebono 515 in Des Moines on Tuesday evening when he built the explosive device, reported the Des Moines Register.

Restaurant owner Nam Tram said he and other employees saw Washington acting strangely but they just ignored it.

In fact, Tram told the newspaper that when he saw Washington testing various wall outlets, he thought the customer was just charging his phone.

He said his motive was frustration that people in our society don’t care about safety,’ Des Moines police Sgt Paul Parizek told the Register.

And he was making a point that he could construct a device in public without anyone calling the police.’

Washington may have been right because police were called to the restaurant at 6.40pm by Washington himself.

He initially told police that the IED was fake, but testing from a bomb squad confirmed it to be real.

‘The device was an operable improvised explosive device. It would have detonated had he chosen to do so, and the potential of an accidental detonation existed as the device could have exploded if exposed to static electricity,’ Sgt Parizek told MUNCHIES.

‘Following their diagnostic testing, the Des Moines Police Department Bomb Squad did detonate a sample of the explosive from the device. The device was legit.’

Parizek said Washington told them he tried the same thing in a suburb earlier in a day but no one called police on him.

This nigger being able to successfully build a bomb in a restaurant without it exploding in the process is quite impressive.

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