Black Male Who Tortured Old Whites Recorded Videos Saying Blacks Should Rule the World

On Friday, I stated that it was clear that the 20-year-old black drug addict inmate at the Detroit nursing home who tortured elderly white people did so for racial reasons.

Now, video has emerged of anti-white elderly abuser Jadon Hayden claiming that blacks are destined to rule the world.

“The black race is the chosen race, the black race was supposed to rule the earth, but now…they have to go to the white man for everything and that’s not good,” Hayden says in one of his videos that is still online.

“Black people are supposed to rule the earth,” he falsely claims.

Hayden uploaded the videos of him abusing the whites to social media, for some reason. They include videos of him abusing both an old white man and an old white woman.

A third video Hayden uploaded is titled “drugging ppl prank,” and shows a white man convulsing. The obvious implication is that Hayden drugged him.

I think it’s obvious that young black drug addicts should not be in nursing homes, and I have no idea why this was ever a thing in the first place. Presumably, for some kind of economic reason.

But we have gotten to the point where we are asking why they should be around white people at all. Clearly, a majority if not most of them hate us.

This nursing home brutality is just one example in an endless string of brutal events of black-on-white violence. Every day, white people are attacked, robbed, murdered and raped by blacks. Integration has clearly failed. We don’t deserve what these people do to us.

It is time we started seriously discussing “de-integration” and a return to some form of state-enforced segregation.

One thing is for certain: black people are a lot more dangerous than the flu.

In a new post-flu society, we’re going to have new rules. If I had anything to do with drafting these new rules, I would seriously push for allowing states and local authorities to segregate housing racially, and returning the rights of businesses to refuse patronage based on race. It would certainly be good for the economy to isolate these people.