Black Lives Matter Protests All Over America, Also in Berlin, London, Paris, Sydney, Everywhere

But where is the virus though?

We were told that there was a dangerous virus that could kill everyone if people interacted with each other.

We were told that we had to stay home to stop the virus from spreading.

Is everyone going to die?

Why are there so many black people in Paris?

Don’t these Londoners know that they are literally killing people by being so close to other protesters?

What ever happened to the whole “I am going to force you all into safety” government thing?

Why are all of these white people countries demanding the mass worship of black people?

If black people don’t feel comfortable around whites because they think whites want to kill them, can’t they just live in black people’s countries?

Can’t white countries be white, and black countries be black?

What’s the point of mixing it all up if everyone just hates everyone else?

It would be nice to change the world that way, and let black people have their own black-only countries and whites have their own white-only countries.

But that’s not what they’re suggesting.