Black Lives Matter Protester Loses Testicle During Protests

Bradley Steyn used to have two testicles.

Testicle Lives Matter, but the interesting bit in this story is the background of the man whose testicle ended up being yet another victim of police brutality.

Daily Mail:

A Black Lives Matter activist has claimed he was shot in the groin with a rubber bullet during a protest in Los Angeles, causing him to lose a testicle.

South African native Bradley Steyn, who was involved in anti-apartheid protests in South Africa when he was younger, claims the LAPD are responsible for his injuries, and he now plans to sue.

Steyn claims he was attacked by law enforcement during a May 30 George Floyd protest in Los Angeles’ Fairfax district.

He has since started a GoFundMe page to cover his medical bills and legal funds, and is looking to raise $17,000.

On the page, he describes the events of May 30. ‘I was marching peacefully with at the Black Lives Matter march on Saturday the 30th May, here in Los Angeles, near Fairfax in memory of George Floyd and so many other black Americans that have been murdered in America. Apartheid-style,’ he writes.

‘At the march I was shot by a member of the LAPD with a rubber bullet in the testicles. One of which was ruptured and led to me almost bleeding out on the streets of Los Angeles.’

Steyn shared pictures of him lying in a hospital bed, showing a mark on his chest where he claims he was beaten, and a large bruise on his left leg where he was shot, as well as a cast covering his groin.

In an interview with Select Times Live shortly after the incident, Steyn said: ‘Police used batons to a young woman who was sitting on her knees.

‘I tried to get him off her, and I was hit across chest by a police baton. A policeman saw me trying to physically push the cop off her and hit me in the chest. Then he aimed for my genitalia – he was two or three feet away – and shot directly into my genitalia.’

Yes, that really happened in real life. He is a hero, who sacrificed his testicle for a princess.

At the last minute, Steyn decided not to take his young daughter to the protests fearing that violence could break out.

He says that he has been told that while doctors saved his live, he may not be able to have children in the future.

Good riddance. His daughter will no doubt become a coal burner, following the steps of her daddy.

Meanwhile, whites in South Africa are being killed with impunity as the government salivates at the sight of their land.

Clear-skinned traitors fighting for the interests of people of color are parasites eating white civilization from within.