“Black Lives Matter” as a Slogan is Designed to Serve the Agenda to Dehumanize Whites

If you want to commit a genocide against a people – and that is what is coming – you have to dehumanize them first.

The Jews constantly claim that Julius Streicher was rightfully hanged because he published cartoons that dehumanized Jews which enabled the Holocaust. I don’t believe the Jewish fairy tales about gas chambers, but clearly, Jews were rounded up and put in camps and I think it is fair enough to say that this wouldn’t have been something the society was okay with if there hadn’t been a campaign of showing the Jews to be monsters.

We are literally living through what the Jews constantly whine about – we are being systematically dehumanized, told that our lives do not matter. This is preparation for the justification of mass murder.

The slogan “Black Lives Matter” is a part of that agenda. Obviously, whoever invented that slogan knew that the immediate and natural response is, “but all lives matter?” And in fact, saying “all lives matter” has now been declared an act of hatred against blacks, because we are all supposed to only care about black lives.

They could have called this “black redemption” or something, and if someone said “what about white redemption?” they would be able to say “we are the only ones who need redemption.” But no, as it stands, they are saying that they are the only ones who have value as human lives, and we are being told that if we even suggest we have value, it is an act of hatred.

I know I have a history of hyperbole, but I am absolutely not being hyperbolic when I tell you that they are going to start killing us. That is what the anti-police agenda is about. You are going to be in a situation where the blacks are breaking into your home and if you call the police they do not respond. If you kill the blacks who break into your home, you will be charged with “murdering a peaceful protester.” If you let the blacks who break in kill you, your murder will never be investigated.

That is the plan here, and it is going to go into ultra mode if Donald Trump loses the election, because you will have, on the federal level, a pro-black and anti-white government looking the other way as the blacks slaughter us.

They will then pass hate speech laws which make it a crime to say that blacks are systematically killing whites and that the government is refusing to stop it. They will go on TV and say that it isn’t really happening, it’s a racist conspiracy theory, then out of the other side of their mouths they will say that it’s good that it’s happening, that whites deserve to die because they’re racists.

This is just the next logical step from “punch a Nazi” when they said that anyone who supports Donald Trump deserves to be attacked in the street. “Punch a Nazi” very quickly becomes “kill a racist” in this process of systematically dehumanizing white people and convincing the public that they do not have a right to live because of… because of George Floyd, or slavery, or whatever.

Huge numbers of whites support this. Maybe it’s “white guilt,” but it’s more likely simply that the masses of people will go along with literally anything if it is marketed to them in the right way. In this case, they’re being marketed moral superiority over people they have economic advantages over (“racists”).

People need to get their lives in order, because the killing is coming and it is probably coming soon. A Trump win would slow it down, sure, but it will still begin happening, even if he is president – look at the way they’re refusing to arrest people for burning down government buildings.

Trump will not have the ability to prevent all the killings that are coming, he will just be able to provide some kind of counter-balance and he’ll be able to talk about it. We will also technically be able to talk about it, although we won’t be able to talk about it on social media. If Trump loses, we’re talking about a free-for-all and a mass slaughter.

The best thing you can do is run for office in local government in places outside of the main cities. That will give you the ability to put together local resistance to the agenda, and protect yourself and your community. If you haven’t moved out of the city yet, then you need to do that first. Then run for a local office. If you can, get sheriff. If you can’t get sheriff, just get whatever, and start thinking about how to get into sheriff or on the city council.

That’s where you’ll have the power to do something, and that’s where you’ll want to be when the US turns into chaos and starts to collapse in on itself.