Black Liberation from Clothing: Tales of Nude Negroes Gone Buckwild

We’ve got two very engaging stories of black liberation to share with you today.

In Tennessee.


A woman has been taken into custody after she was found partially naked and wielding an axe Tuesday inside a Knoxville Walmart.

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According to the Knoxville Police Department, the initial call on Tuesday, June 15 said that a partially naked woman was vandalizing Walmart property, throwing items at Walmart employees, and defecating on herself.

Upon arrival to 8445 Walbrook Drive, officers found 35-year-old Nashea Brown in the sporting goods section with an axe in hand and a knife tucked into her bra. The officers told Brown to drop the axe but she refused to comply. One officer then attempted to tase her but it was ineffective. She was successfully apprehended after a second taser was deployed.

And in Missouri.


Moberly police arrested a naked man Thursday morning after he allegedly burglarized homes and assaulted a homeowner.

According to police, 35-year-old J’Angelo Robinson was seen running from the 100 block of Thompson St. after reports of several burglaries in the area.

Officers report Robinson failed commands to comply and resisted arrest before being taken into custody.

According to police, Robinson allegedly forced his way into three separate residences causing property damage and assaulting one homeowner. One of the residences had small children present during the burglary.

You know why black people get naked before going on crime sprees, right?

They do it because white people were racist to them.

By getting naked, they shed the bonds of racism and become one with the true spirit of blackness.

Next time you see a naked black body wielding an ax at Walmart, you need to take a good long look in the mirror, and realize that black lives matter.