Black Leader Al Sharpton Meets with the Jews, Condemns Black People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2019

I guess now the blacks know how we feel when Donald Trump gets up on stage and talks about how much he loves the Jews.

It is the ultimate race betrayal for a racial leader to get up on a stage and praise the Jews.

It’s sort of strange to have him admitting that the attacks are being done by blacks, however. The Jews must really be panicked if they’re okay with making a public spectacle of “blacks are doing this.”

Jerusalem Post:

A group of African-American clergy and civil rights leaders gathered by the Rev. Al Sharpton met with a New York rabbi in the wake of the attack on Jews in Monsey.

The African-American leaders met Monday with Rabbi Marc Schneier, president of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, to condemn the spate of attacks on Jews in New York in recent weeks.

“I am terribly disturbed by the recent antisemitic attacks on Jews, and particularly because they were perpetrated by members of the African-American community,” Sharpton said at a news conference following the meeting. “Rabbi Schneier and I have worked together for many years to bring our respective communities closer together. Today, we must work together to start to repair the damage and terrible pain these acts have caused.

“We in the African-American community know all too well how abhorrent hatred, based on physical appearance or religious observance, is. We cannot now be a part of something that members of our community are doing to other people.

Schneier said he discussed with the leaders “concrete ways the Jewish and African-American communities can come together to promote our common interests and stem the differences that lead to such violent acts of hatred.” He added that Sharpton’s leadership “will help us repair the damage these acts of domestic terrorism have caused our two communities.”

As I mentioned earlier this week in a piece about this brewing anti-Jewish pogrom by the blacks of the NYC metro area, Al Sharpton was a leader of the 1991 pogrom in Crown Heights.

He marched through the streets screaming about Jews, and had a banner reading “Hitler didn’t finish the job” at a funeral for a black boy killed by the Jews.

Al has got to be the only guy who became less masculine and more of a shill after losing weight.

He used to be BASED and REDPILLED (BNRP).

Now he’s a BLUEPILLED FAG who shills for the shekels against his own race.