Black Kills White Father Because He Refused to Give the Monkey His Daughter

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2017

Gerard Grandzol and his daughter.

Why do we need these Blacks in our country?

All they do is rob us and then murder us if we don’t hand over our children to them.

Daily Mail:

Gerard Grandzol, 38, was fatally shot in the face at point-blank range around 8pm on Thursday, just after he parked his SUV on the one-way street outside his family’s home in Philadelphia.

Police sources speculated to the Philadelphia Inquirer that Grandzol was shot in a carjacking gone wrong, after he gave up his wallet but refused to hand over his car keys to protect his daughter in the back seat.

Grandzol’s daughter and the family dog, Oscar, were both found unharmed in the car by responding officers.

‘We believe the motive was robbery. And we believe the victim’s wallet was taken. But for some unknown reason, the perpetrator fired two shots,’ Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said at a televised news conference.

The shooting occurred on the 1500 block of Melon Street, a narrow one-way street lined with newly constructed townhouses in the Spring Garden neighborhood.

The suspect in the shooting has been described as a black male in his teens or early 20s wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and tan colored pants.

Wow, “black male” in a British police description.

Or maybe that isn’t a police description and the Daily Mail got it from a witness.

I can’t remember if it is illegal in Britain to give the race of a suspect in a police report, but I think it is. It definitely is in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, etc.