Black Kills Elderly White Couple Inside Veterans’ Cemetery as Revenge for Jogger’s Death

Sheldon Francis

You’d best start believing in race wars, goyim.

You’re in one.

Style Monument:

A White couple was shot and killed last night in Delaware, and police are investigating whether the shooting was done in “retaliation” for the apparent racist killing of Georgia’s Ahmaud Arbery,

Police say that yesterday a Black man, wearing tactical armor and carrying multiple weapons, shot and killed an elderly White couple inside a veterans cemetery. Authorities identified the victims as an 86-year-old man and 85-year-old woman from Elkton, Maryland. The victims were also identified as “White.”

Police say the shooter was Sheldon C. Francis, 29, from Middletown, Delaware. Social media posts from Sheldon suggest that he was particularly troubled by the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. And authorities are now exploring whether the cemetery shooting may have been racially motivated.

But we’ll never know for sure, because Sheldon is dead. Police arrived on the scene, shortly after the shooting, and got into a gun battle with Sheldon, according to online reports.

Police found him lying dead from a gunshot wound a few hours after the shooting in a wooded area where the shootout took place.