Black Jew Arrested in Israel Then Deported to Random African Country

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2017

Jews love to point at negroes who practice Judaism whenever someone presses them about their hate.

But how do Jews actually treat their black “co-religionists” when they want to visit the Wailing Wall?

Simple: they arrest them at the airport then deport them to a random African country!

Times of Israel:

A Kenyan Jewish leader who arrived in Israel on Monday night was denied entry into the country by the Interior Ministry and deported to Ethiopia.

The rejection by Israeli authorities of Yehudah Kimani — who had come to the Jewish state for a three-week study program — was seen by activists as part of the ongoing discrimination by Israel against Jews from emerging communities around the world.

But when Kimani arrived at Ben Gurion Airport late Monday night, officials at the passport check said his visa was not valid. Kimani was placed in a holding area and deported on the next flight to Ethiopia.

“They just told me to go back, I feel like I’m not even a human,” Kimani said from the Addis Ababa airport.

You’d think that with Jews being such a small humanitarian superpower pushing for unlimited African refugees in our countries, a whole nation of compassionate Jews would look like the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disney World?

Instead, when Jews have a state for and by Jews, they snatch invited negro guests right at the checkpoint, then force them to get on the first plane back to Africa!

Tikkun Olam!