“Black Israelite” Arrested After Racially Motivated Murder and Mayhem Spree, Jewish Media Won’t Cover It

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2016


A 21-year-old Negro who has been terrorizing Indiana for months now is being charged with a number of shootings, including the seemingly random murder of an elderly white man named John Clements. He was taken into custody after a standoff with SWAT yesterday afternoon.


Wilcoxson, has also charged in a September Zionsville homicide with murder.

According to the Boone County Prosecutor’s office, Wilcoxson was charged with the fatal Sept. 28 shooting of John Clements. The charges come as a result of an investigation by Zionsville Police Department, IMPD, the Indiana State Police and the FBI.

All Boone County schools were placed on lockdown following the shooting.

At the time of the shooting, police said they were looking for a black male driving an Impala.

If convicted of the murder charge Wilcoxson faces up to 65 years in prison.

IMPD HQ shootings

Wilcoxson is also thought be connected to the October 4 and 13 shootings at IMPD headquarters.

According to court documents, at the scene of the October 4 shooting, notes were discovered with such threats as “white must die” and “Yashua Yahuah is the most High and anybody stand against Him will be gone and crucified set my people free today or we keep killin the white End.”

The prosecutor’s office also said Wilcoxson made a number of social media posts in October as “Frank Lucas” using the same rhetoric found in the notes.

Documents also show that on scene of the October 13 shooting, police discovered a number of casings that appeared to have been fired from the same firearm. More notes were also discovered at that shooting scene. Documents show that IMPD were also to identify that the writing from both set of notes was from the same individual.

Using DNA off one of the shell casings, IMPD then ran the sample through a DNA analysis system and received a hit out of Ohio, matching the DNA of Damoine Wilcoxson.

The documents also showed the Wilcoxson was also involved in a July 18 case in which he is alleged to have pointed a firearm at a woman’s head and to have pulled her hair.

The rhetoric in his notes shows allegiance with the Black Israelites (off-brand Baptist retards into this are always trying to figure out Jesus’ Hebrew name, “Yashua”), a religious cult composed of eccentric Negroes who think they’re the Jews from the Bible, and who dress up like ECW heels as they go out into major cities telling white people (who they refer to as “Edomites,” after the fictional OT people) that Black Jesus is coming back with an army of UFOs to exterminate most of us and put survivors into slavery (literally what they believe). They also take the Old Testament and Talmud literally, and believe it is the duty of blacks to murder white people, although they’re supposed to wait for some kind of sign first.


The story here isn’t that there are blacks who believe in this and act on it, but that a lot of the seemingly random black on white crime going on in America where nothing is stolen may actually be motivated or even coordinated  by groups like this. Yet, we’ll never know, because the FBI won’t even look into it due to the fact that these random killers primarily target everyday white people.

The SPLC has some Black Israelite groups on its “Hate List,” but that’s only because these blacks put Jews in the same basket as whites. Blacks are allowed to get away with absolutely anything as long as it doesn’t offend Jews.

The encounters between Jews and Black Israelites are often amusing:

The mainstream media refuses to report on this Indiana case, but if we go on social media and make enough noise, the Jews will be forced to or else they look bad (they gave-in on the Temple University attack last week and provided some limited coverage).

Most of all, there should be demands to charge the murder of John Clements as a hate crime, as a matter of principle.

I will be following the Zionsville police department investigation and prosecutors treatment of this. If with all this evidence of a purely racial motive they don’t categorize it as a hate crime, we will have to flood them with calls and emails on behalf of the white community, demanding an explanation.