Black Islamic Women Attack a Group of Asians on the Train

Black people really do seek out and target the weak. Asians come from a society that is even more heavily socialized than European society, so they really don’t have much context for ridiculous acts of violence.


I guess those women are Islamic, maybe from Nigeria.

You can’t help but feel bad for the Asians. They’re just pitiful. They’re really sitting ducks for these beasts to prey upon.

The same can be said for white people at this point, I guess. Most whites, if attacked by one of these sheboons, would be afraid to fight back for fear of being totally destroyed by the media.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is very instructive as to what exactly is happening in this country. The message is: “do not fight back, or you will pay.” Even if Kyle is acquitted, this theme is going to resonate in future judicial actions. At the very least, it is now considered acceptable or even reasonable for a prosecutor to argue in a court room that “sometimes you just have to take a beating.”

The fat prosecutor literally said “everyone takes a beating sometimes, right?”

He presented as if it was some kind of common wisdom, like “death and taxes” or “you can’t fight City Hall.”

“Everyone has their skull smashed open by violent communists.”

I very much doubt that this bag of pus has ever taken a beating. The closest thing he may have experienced is a quadroon pissing on his face (yes, it looks to me to quite possibly be the same guy).

This is what I’ve warned of since the start of the collapse of reality: they are creating a situation where you are attacked from above by the cops and attacked from below by violent black criminals. The top and bottom help each other, with the government refusing to prosecute blacks and prosecuting you for defending yourself, and the blacks coming out to riot in support of government agendas.