Black Home Life (You Could Have Prevented This)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2018

This is black people for you.

What exactly are these animals offering our society.

Can we ask that?

“What, collectively, are black people offering America?”

We can never ask that because the answer is always going to be: “nothing good, that’s for sure.”

Fox News:

Ten children removed from a filthy California home in late March were waterboarded and hit with crossbows, among other violent acts, Solano County prosecutors said Wednesday.

The allegations were part of an attempt by prosecutors to have the bail of the children’s mother, Ina Rogers, increased after she was charged with nine counts of felony child abuse.

Her husband, Jonathan Allen, was arrested Friday and booked on nine counts of felony torture and six counts of felony child abuse.

In the filed report, Deputy District Attorney Veronica Juarez said Rogers assisted in the abuse of her children and persuaded them not to say anything as a means to protect Allen.

Fairfield Police previously said they removed the 10 children from the West Coast home on March 31 after responding to a report of a missing 12-year-old. When they brought the child home, officers searched the residence “due to concerns for the safety and health of the child and the child’s siblings.”

Inside, officers found nine other kids, whose ages ranged from 4 months to 11 years old, “living in squalor and unsafe conditions,” police said.

Garbage, rotten food, animal, and human feces were scattered throughout the home, Lt. Greg Hurlbut said on Monday.

He said the children told authorities of incidents of “intentional abuse,” and according to the department, they had puncture wounds, burns and bruises consistent with getting shot with a pellet or BB gun.

You see.

This is why we used to have rules about black behavior, and harsh punishment.

This is ten more black children who are going to grow up to be the worst sort of blacks because we didn’t lay down the law.

If we are going to have blacks in our country, there should be a culture of blacks viewing whites as parental figures who are watching over them constantly and making sure they don’t do weird, violent, sadistic shit. But in the post-Obama era, they no longer feel they answer to anyone, so it’s just Africa in this bitch.

They have to go back.