Black Guy Who Burned Down His Own House and Then Shot Neighbors had Schizophrenic History

We’ve got some new information on the black schizophrenic who set his house on fire and then started shooting people who went out to view the burning house.

This is from local news WJZ, May 8, 2021:

Four people are dead after a tragic shooting and fire on a townhome-lined street in Woodlawn Saturday morning.

“This guy just started letting off shots at random people,” neighbor Jabari Mansell said.

Neighbors reported a home was on fire at Maury Road and Kellys Court around 6:40 a.m. and that a man was outside of it shooting at people.

“I just opened my door, and the guy, the Black guy come around, like here and he randomly shot at me two times,” neighbor Sushil Chhetri said.

Wow, that’s really racist, Sushil.

What does his race have to do with the fact he’s doing a mass shooting?

Neighbors said the man may have intentionally set the fire to lure people outside to shoot them.

“The guy set the building on fire – I think it was his own home – and lured other neighbors outside,” Mansell said.

When police arrived, four officers shot at the suspect. Police said he died at the scene. They identified him as 56-year-old Everton Brown.

“Our officers responded to this scene. When they arrived, they found a man outside armed. That threat was neutralized,” said Joy Stewart, director of public affairs for the Baltimore County Police.

Three victims were killed and another man was taken to the hospital, police said. No officers were injured.

Officials said the fire was gas-fed and neighbors reported hearing a loud bang as it happened.

It’s funny how all these situations of blacks getting shot by cops don’t show up on the BLM protest list if they’re too extreme.

Anyway, this week they revealed that this guy was totally schizophrenic.


Records show the Maryland man who killed three people, set fire to his home and was fatally shot by responding officers last weekend had contacted 911 dispatchers at least 120 times over the last 24 years, The Baltimore Sun reported.

The violence erupted after years of disputes with neighbors, who said Everton Brown, 56, believed law enforcement authorities were invading his property.

According to a list of calls obtained by the newspaper, Brown initiated most of the calls for service to his home, including one call reporting a tooth he had kept wrapped in tissue had been stolen and another accusing the FBI of cutting his grass and entering his home. Brown would go months without a call to authorities, then call several times over multiple weeks.

In 2013, neighbors told dispatchers Brown threatened them through a bullhorn and said they were “concerned someone will get hurt.”

Police checked on Brown’s welfare at least eight times.

Sure, black people are violent.

But lighting your own house on fire and then shooting people who come out to look at the fire is a nutty thing to do, and this guy clearly had a history of schizophrenic behavior.

This is what we’ve been saying: everyone has been going over the edge.

You’re going to have stuff like this happening every day, in every neighborhood, as the Virus Regime continues to ratchet up the pressure.