Black Glarthir Kills White Man He Believed was a KGB Agent

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2017

Thomas Wilson AKA Black Glarthir.

With all this noise about Russian agents and hackers everywhere, lower IQ individuals may get paranoid.

I can only imagine that was the case with this video game NPC come to life.

Dallas News:

Thomas Wilson III was convinced someone was breaking into his condominium and hiding recording devices in the walls.

He ripped up the carpet in his northwest Dallas home and tore out the floorboards and door frames. He stockpiled weapons and once fired a gun in his own condo, believing a person hid inside.

Wilson’s delusions worsened — sometimes fueled by methamphetamine use — until midmorning July 15, 2015, when he shot his neighbor, Nathan Tonolini, 11 times.

For two years, the Tonolini family wondered why Wilson shot his neighbor. There were no problems between the men, and neighbors described Wilson as friendly.

They learned Friday about the delusions, the conspiracy theory books Wilson read and the stockpile of firearms, spears and tomahawks in the man’s home.

I assume by ‘Conspiracy Theory Books” they mean newspapers and websites talking about Russians.

That’s a real article from Daily Mail by the way, from 2014 no less.

Tonolini worked nights and was coming home from work when Wilson opened fire.

Wilson knew that killing Tonolini was wrong, Andrade said. He called his mother afterward and told her what he had done. He asked a neighbor to watch his dog, Gizmo.

He was “more concerned for his dog than for the person he just shot 11 times,” Andrade said during closing arguments.

But defense attorneys Sherrod Edwards and Audrey Garnett said Wilson needs mental health treatment to stop the delusions, which continued after Wilson was jailed and no longer using drugs. They asked for a shorter punishment.

“It’s better for everybody if Mr. Wilson can have an opportunity to get treatment,” Garnett said. “He’s helpful. He’s intelligent. He’s a good worker. These are qualities we want in our society.”

“He was tired of the torture, and he believed Mr. Tonolini was part of the conspiracy to harm him,” Compton said of Wilson. “If not for the delusions, Mr. Tonolini would not have been murdered.”

Nathan Tonolini.

Anonymous Daily Stormer sources claim Wilson was offering payment to the tune of 200 Septims for people from out of town to follow Tonolini prior to his killing of the man.