Black Gate-Crasher is Nation of Islam – So More Censorship, Of Course

They said it was a white supremacist. It appears it was actually a black supremacist.

New York Post:

The driver who killed a US Capitol cop before he was gunned down by police is a Nation of Islam devotee from Indiana, according to reports and his social media.

Noah Green, 25, who may have been living in Virginia, described himself as a “Follower of Farrakhan” on his Facebook page, in reference to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Green appeared to have come on hard times from his Facebook page reviewed by The Post before his account was taken down.

“I was on the right track and everything I had planned was coming into existence. It required long hours, lots of studying, and exercise to keep me balanced while experiencing an array of concerning symptoms along the path (I believe to be side effects of drugs I was intaking unknowingly),” he wrote on March 17, signing the message Brother Noah X.

“However, the path has been thwarted, as Allah (God) has chosen me for other things. Throughout life I have set goals, attained them, set higher ones, and then been required to sacrifice those things,” he continued.

His Facebook posts were first reported by MSNBC, which read them on-air.

The cop is white. A white devil.

But just a random guy.

The tattletale right, Breitbart and the Daily Caller, who have both called for more censorship of Louis Farrakhan, are going to be delighted.


This is more reason to call for censorship of Farrakhan, who they don’t like because he speaks out against Jews and the fake coronavirus vaccine, among other things.

I’ve written about my views on Farrakhan a lot. They’re in the Daily Caller tattletale article above.

Whatever you think of anyone, censorship is always bad, and all these violent incidents ever do is increase censorship. I wish everyone would stop engaging in political violence. The left gets away with it, of course, because they are protected, but whether it is right-wing whites or right-wing blacks, the response is always censorship.

And what gets accomplished?

What could possibly be the motivation to kill some random person? What is the goal? It’s just a tantrum. And there are whites who are just as guilty of tantrum behavior as this black.

Stay away from anyone who ever talks about violence. It is all fed shit to justify their agenda to take away our freedom.

We all need to be 100% devoted to nothing other than defending speech. It is the only thing that matters. Nothing can happen if we’re not allowed to say it. And every single one of these violent political attacks is de facto an attack on speech.

Of course, maybe this guy isn’t even NoI. Maybe they faked it. He’s dead. Maybe he was just a typical crazy nigger.

But they will use it to attack the good Minister Farrakhan and shut down his warnings about vaccines even worse.

You can say whatever you want about Farrakhan, but there is no issue on earth more important than this vaccine issue. Let’s deal with that, then we can talk about what we’re going to do with these blacks.

Farrakhan is a big voice against vaccines, and that voice is going to be a lot harder to hear because of this stupid attack.

I would say “I wish blacks weren’t so stupid,” but again – how many whites have done this exact same thing over the last 5 years?

Maybe they’re all just mind-controlled. I don’t know. Who the hell knows.

It’s very frustrating.