Black Football Player Plotted to Murder Jew Manager Who Ripped Him Off for Tens of Millions

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2017

REAL HEADLINE: “How Racist White People Take Financial Advantage of Black Sports Players”

If I had a neck that thick, I’d be a professional head-butter.

White people, smdh.

You thought microaggressions were bad.

Then you learned about sports managers.

Daily Mail:

Former Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis contemplated killing one of his financial advisors after they were accused of swindling the vast majority his $43 million fortune on various investments.

Portis, 35, has revealed he was holding a gun as he sat in a car outside a Washington D.C. building over several nights in 2013 waiting for one of the managers he blamed for losing millions of dollars.

He told Sports Illustrated that he had planned to kill one of the advisors before a TV producer friend talked him out of it for the sake of his four sons.

‘It wasn’t no beat up. It was kill,’ he said of his intentions.

The former NFL star did not reveal the name of the advisor he had contemplated killing.

‘You’ve already lost,’ Portis’ friend told him that night. ‘But the loss you would sustain (by murdering someone) would be greater.’

What a pussy.

Portis admitted to the publication that if he had found the advisor before he had managed to calm down: ‘We’d probably be doing this interview from prison.’

He had made $43.1 million during his nine-year NFL career with the Denver Broncos and later the Redskins, but most of it had been either spent or lost on investments.

The NFL star had lived a lavish lifestyle with multiple properties in Virginia and Florida, as well as a fleet of cars including a BMW, Audi and Dodge Ram.

‘Portis was on a different level,’ ex-Washington wide receiver Santana Moss told Sports Illustrated of his spending habits. ‘He didn’t think about tomorrow.’

Portis filed multiple lawsuits against his financial advisor Jeff Rubin and his associates between 2011-2013.

He claimed the advisors had first urged him to invest $1 million in a southern Alabama casino, specifically its electronic bingo machines.

Portis, as well as the 40 other NFL players to invest, lost a combined $40 million when the scheme was shut down in 2012 due to state regulations. Rubin apologized for the scheme in an in interview with 60 Minutes last year.

It was an old-fashioned ponzi scheme.

Portis also claimed in a lawsuit that Rubin’s company also opened an account for the NFL star at BankAtlantic with a forged signature.

The suit claimed it had led to withdrawals of more than $3.1 million without his knowledge.

He claims another adviser Jinesh Brahmbhatt – who was registered with the NFL Players Association – encouraged him to invest in a Ponzi scheme by Success Trade Securities.

Brahmbhatt and Rubin were later banned from securities trading, but didn’t face prosecution.

‘No jail time, no nothing,’ Portis told Sports Illustrated. ‘Living happily ever after.’

Portis has not revealed exactly how much of his fortune he lost.

Portis’ financial plight surfaced publicly in 2015 when he filed for bankruptcy after falling almost $5 million into debt. He said at the time he had just $150 in his bank account.


I know I say this all the time, but real life is exactly like Daily Stormer satire.