Black Fired After Working for Three Days – Tries to Murder His Boss Two Hours After

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2018


This kind of behavior is why we segregated blacks in the first place.

If you own a business and you’ve been forced to hire one of these monkeys, this could be you.


Sanford police arrested a man for allegedly trying to kill his boss two hours after he was fired.

The manager told police Djuan Lewis, 23, chased him from Benada Aluminum Products on Jewett Lane and started firing into his car.

A different manager told Eyewitness News Lewis had only worked there Thursday and was fired Sunday morning for throwing supplies and tools on the ground.

Lewis was fired, then waited for his district supervisor outside for two hours, the manager said.

Investigators said Lewis then chased the manager and his girlfriend for a mile and a half.

The girlfriend told police she heard about five shots.

The arrest report states bullet holes were found in the rear bumper, trunk door, and right rear tire of the manager’s car.

The manager and his girlfriend were not hurt.