Black Feminist Pornography Professor Facing Criminal Charges After Attacking Anti-Abortion Activist

Daily Stormer
March 24, 2014

Thrin Short had her sign protesting abortion stolen from her by an arrogant Black ‘Professor’ of pornography who also assaulted her. The sign obviously took a lot of time to make and the black female had no right to steal it from her.

A black female Professor who specializes in teaching Black Culture (whatever that is) and pornography, has attacked a wholesome 16-year-old White girl who was protesting the legalized murder of millions of babies, and is now facing criminal charges.

After attempting to get others to follow her example, she grabbed the young students sign and started pushing her about and hitting her, causing minor injuries and scratches on her wrists. At the end of this performance, she then instructed her multi-ethnic student accomplices to do the same as her in future as it was their ‘moral right.’

There is much that can be learned about the Black psyche from this spectacle – whether they are professors or welfare moms, the essential behavior remains the same.

From Fox:

University of California at Santa Barbara Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young was charged with one misdemeanor count each of theft, battery and vandalism in the March 4 incident, Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley announced Friday. The charges came days after 16-year-old Thrin Short and her parents met with prosecutors.Thrin told authorities what she told earlier this month: She, her older sister Joan, 21, and some other pro-life activists were holding signs and demonstrating in a free speech zone on the bucolic campus March 4 when Miller-Young, who also teaches courses on pornography, went berserk.

The sisters say they distributed nearly 1,000 informational pamphlets during the event, which was organized by the Riverside-based nonprofit Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. Things took an unexpected turn when, according to Short, Miller-Young approached the demonstrators and a group of students who had gathered.

“Before she grabbed the sign, she was mocking me and talking over me in front of the students, saying that she was twice as old as me and had three degrees, so they should listen to her and not me,” Thrin Short wrote in an email to “Then she started the chant with the students about ‘tear down the sign.’ When that died out, she grabbed the sign.”

With a graphic anti-abortion sign in hand, Miller-Young, whose faculty web page says she specializes in black cultural studies and pornography, then allegedly walked through two campus buildings as Short, her sister and two UCSB students followed closely behind. Short captured much of the incident, which she charged was a “deliberate” provocation by Miller-Young, on a cellphone video later posted to Youtube while her sister called campus police. Miller-Young pushed Short at least three times, the student alleges, as she tried to stop an elevator door from closing as the educator stood inside with her sign, Short said.

The porno professor had a gang of multi-racial students with her that she instructed to carry the sign for her while she shouted insults like ‘terrorist’ at the White girl.

“I explained how I had been trying to keep the elevator door open with my foot, because I thought the police would be there any second, and that’s when she pushed and grabbed me,” Short’s email continued. “She then got off the elevator and tried to pull me away from the elevator doors so the others could get away with the sign.”

Short said she suffered minor injuries during the melee — scratches on both wrists — and said campus police are now reviewing the video.

Miller-Young did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment. In the report filed by campus police, she claimed she had a “moral right” to act in the manner she did.

Thrin’s father, William Short, said he would have expected an academic to engage in thoughtful debate with someone she disagreed with.