Black Females are Smothered in Butter and Flogged in Coming of Age Ceremony

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2019

The fact that we don’t have something like this here in the West is exactly the reason why we should be mass-importing this kind of cultural richness.

Daily Mail:

A tribal ceremony which sees young women whipped to show the sacrifices they make for men is seen in brutal pictures.

The Hamar tribe from the village of Turmi in southern Ethiopia and near the Kenyan border, believe the scars demonstrate a woman’s capacity for love.

Instead of fleeing, the women often beg men to whip them again during the ceremony.

The ritual sees a boy walk up to and jump over seven bulls to become a man, while the tribe – who are mainly cattle ranchers – watches.

After the sometimes brutal ceremony, known as Ukuli Bula, the boy becomes a man and is allowed to marry.

Don’t you want to have ceremonies like this in your neighborhood?

If we want that kind of vibrancy, we have to hurry and make the process of enriching the West safer for these chocolate people.

They are dying out there while trying to enrich you.

Daily Mail:

At least nine people died when an overloaded migrant boat capsized near the island of Lampedusa, the Italian Coast Guard said today.

The smugglers’ boat overturned as a patrol boat was preparing to take migrants on board in rough seas some 6 miles off Lampedusa just after midnight.

Twenty-two migrants were rescued from the sea, and nine bodies were recovered – two immediately, and seven during a subsequent search operation.

Italian Coast Guard helicopters and vessels were searching for more of the missing.

Initial reports by authorities in Sicily who received the distress call put the number of migrants on board at around 50.

Non-governmental organisations say as many as 30 migrants, including eight children, could be missing.

The Coast Guard had no additional information on how many might be missing.

The UN refugee agency said the deadly shipwreck ‘highlights once again that urgent action is needed to address the situation on the Mediterranean.’

UNHCR spokesman Charlie Yaxley in Geneva called for the EU to resume its search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean Sea, where more than 1,000 migrants have died so far this year, most of them on the dangerous crossing from Libya.

We have to figure out a safer way for them to travel. This boat trip thing is not really working.

Maybe we could crowdfund plane tickets for them to fly here?