Black Females are Pushing the Elderly Off Buses, Wrestling Cops Half-Naked, Demanding Duels in Classrooms

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2019

Blacks are ticking bombs known to go off completely at random for no reason whatsoever, which makes them dangerous creatures to share public spaces with.

If these primates are in the vicinity, you shouldn’t relax.

Don’t lower your guard.

Even an innocent comment can be enough to initiate one of their attacks.

Daily Mail:

Police in Las Vegas have released shocking surveillance footage showing the moment a woman violently pushed an elderly passenger off a bus to his death as she now faces murder charges.

Serge Fournier was reportedly telling the unruly woman on the bus to be nicer to other passengers after she was heard cursing when he was shoved off the vehicle and landed head first on the sidewalk.

Video shows the 74-year-old being shoved down the steps of the public transit bus and smashing his face on the concrete ground.

In the CCTV clip taken from the bus’ security cameras, a woman can be seen talking to Fournier as he walked past carrying a walker and heading towards the door.

Hearing that she should be nicer to passengers was all it took for that black female to murder that old-timer.

Cadesha Michelle Bishop was arrested on a murder warrant last Monday after he died in hospital of his injuries.

Bishop was allegedly yelling and swearing at others on the bus when Fournier asked her to stop during the March 21 incident at around 4.50pm.

Fournier initially survived but spent a month in hospital before he succumbed to his injuries, KSNV reports.

Clark County coroner ruled his death was a homicide resulting from his injuries on April 23.

In police documents Bishop is accused of shoving Fournier out the door ‘with enough force that he never touched any of the steps’ before hitting his head about eight feet (2.4 meters) from the bus.

According to the arrest report, witnesses saw her walking away from the bus without offering Fournier help, grabbing her son’s hand and leading him away.

Cadesha Michelle Bishop

These creatures have trouble with the police even when they call the police themselves.

Daily Mail:

A Georgia cop has come under fire after he grabbed at a black woman while she was holding her baby and wrestled her to the ground with her pants around her ankles.

The shocking altercation was partially caught on camera by the Convington officer’s bodycam, as well as cell phone video from a witness who was driving by during the incident.

It all began when Breona Bell, 21, called police on Thursday afternoon because she was locked out of her car.

In the bodycam footage, an officer approaches Bell and, after asking her a few questions, tells her she has outstanding warrants for probation violation.

Bell, who is holding her seven-month-old child, tells the officer ‘I can’t do that’ and begins to walk back to her friend’s car.

The officer starts grabbing Bell’s free arm as she continues to head to the vehicle and tells her to let her friend take the child.

Bell tries to get into the passenger seat of the car as the officer continues to grab her arm. Suddenly, her baby falls to the ground.

‘You dropped my baby!’ she screams, picking her child up from the ground as they begin to cry.

Bell can be heard screaming violently as the officer wrestles her to the ground in front of her children, who are watching from her friend’s car.

Sir, that’s a female!‘ her friend screams at him. ‘Let her put her clothes on!’

People need to be told which blacks are females and which are not, because it’s pretty hard to tell.

I mean, just look at Serena Williams.

Is that thing male or female?

Who knows.

Even black husbands have trouble remembering if their black wives are male or female.

After all, both male and female blacks looking pretty similar is not the only thing lending itself to confusion.

They both have a taste for violence too.

Daily Mail:

A mother of young school girl is seen telling students that she has no hesitation about taking discipline into her own hands if they don’t stop bullying her daughter.

In a viral video clip the parent commands attention in front of the class as the teacher stays in her seat and simply looks down or tidies her desk.

The mom then gives the youngsters a lesson of her own – one worthy enough for a student to pull out their smart phone to get all the details down.

A clip published on shows how the children were all ears and put their mathematics papers aside to listen up to an alternative voice of authority telling them: ‘A** whoopings for free. You don’t even gotta pay for it!’

With the cell phone lens shooting from above a worksheet on slopes and gradients of lines, trigonometry had to wait while the mother warned: ‘If you look at my daughter, if you breathe the wrong way. Send your moms to me. Sisters, aunts, anybody 18 I’ll f**k them all up. Do you understand me?

As she insisted that bullies leave her daughter alone, she told the shocked students that she was prepared to go to every class to spread the message.

‘No messages online don’t post nothing about her. None of that. Y’all don’t know me,’ she tells the youngsters. ‘Y’all think you’re bullies? Well I’m a big bully.’

The mother says that while she’d usually get her child to handle her own matters, she stepped in because the alleged bullies are boys.

‘If y’all were girls I’d tell her to meet you outside after school and handle it like a real one,’ she adds, later inviting female cousins over the age of 18 to act as representatives for their younger relatives.

It’s okay to want to protect your kid and all, but that is a school and a school is no place for these “y’all don’t know me I’m a big bully” nigger antics.