Black Female Goes into Simian Rage Throwing White Woman Around by the Hair at Gas Station

February 16, 2015

Audrey Hendrickson hopes someone finds a clue that can lead to the wild animal that gave her a black eye after a road rage incident.

An Arlington woman is asking for help in the search for the person who she says attacked her at a gas station Wednesday night.

At the busy corner of Lamar and Collins, hundreds of people pass through every few minutes. So you’d think one of those many eyeballs driving by on Wednesday night would have seen what happened to Audrey Hendrickson.

“I’m hoping that when they see this, when they understand what’s happening maybe they can step up and help,” she said.

Just before 7:30 p.m., she steered toward pump two at the 7-11 gas station on the intersection’s southwest corner when a woman in another car nearly crashed into her.

“I wave at her, honk, ‘What the heck?’ and she proceeds to make gestures…” she said.

She says the woman got out of her car, so she did too, in hopes of diffusing the situation. The opposite happened.

“[She] actually grabbed me by the hair, put me on the pavement and with the other hand, started assaulting me,” she said.

Through it all her biggest fear was for her son, screaming in the back seat.

He wasn’t hurt, but Hendrickson was, and seconds later, she says her attacker jumped up, and drove off. At the time, no bystanders caught the woman’s plate. So days later, she’s hoping the convenience store’s cameras caught something, or anyone else who passed by.