Black Female Foster Parent Arrested for Mutilating, Burning and Raping Children

December 22, 2013

Mattie Brooks
Mattie Brooks was also forcing the children to drink chemicals in between starving them and keeping them locked up in the dog shed.

Mattie Brooks, of Seneca, is facing child abuse charges after she was arrested on South Walnut Street Thursday morning. Seneca Police Chief John Covington says Brooks has biological children in her care and children under her care from the state of New York.

Between 1999 and 2009, investigators say Brooks mutilated a girl, confined her to a doghouse and made her drink unsafe chemicals.

During that same time, authorities also say Brooks burned a boy, deprived him of food and water and confined him to a bedroom. Police also say Brooks sexually abused the young girl in the early 2000s.

Some of the offenses described in the report are too graphic to share.

Police say they’ve investigated allegations of child abuse for several months after one of the victims filed a complaint against Brooks. They don’t want to reveal if the victims are her children or children she was given to care from New York.

Brooks is charged with criminal sexual conduct and two counts unlawful conduct toward a child. Seneca Investigator Mike Teramano says he believes there are more victims in this case.

“I’m confident that there are other victims in this case and I encourage them to come forward,” says Teramano.

Teramano says New York gave her a $25 stipend each day at some point to help cover costs. Teramano says they don’t know when that stipend stopped or started. They also don’t know how many children she was receiving that stipend for.

7 On Your Side has reached out to the New York’s Department of Social Services.  They tell us they cannot release any information or confirm if Brooks was a foster parent because it could reveal the identity of children in the foster care system.

Brooks also has two prior convictions of child abuse on her record. We’ve learned from Seneca Police Reports that she whipped two boys with an electrical cord in 1999. She was sentenced in April 1999 to 10 years suspension so she did not serve prison time,

South Carolina’s Department of Social Services says Brooks has never been licensed as a foster parent with their agency.