Black Facebook Group Pressures Urban Dictionary into Removing Accurate Definitions of “Aboriginal” from Site

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2018

This is rather disconcerting news.

Urban Dictionary was one of the few sites in the Alexa top 500 that seemed unwilling to succumb to Semitical Correctness and censor its user-made content, even though a lot of that content was pretty hardcore by normieweb standards.

Now that the founder has shown weakness by letting a black/Abo Facebook group pressure his team into removing some racist definitions from the site, however, further attempts at censorship are guaranteed to follow.

Give these apes an inch and they’ll take a mile.

Daily Mail:

Urban Dictionary has been forced to delete racist definitions of what an Aboriginal person is.

The website, which features user-submitted definitions for slang words, was home to a string of vile, and abusive descriptions of what an Aboriginal person was.

The racist definitions, which described Aboriginal people as ‘filthy black humans’ and ‘smelly pr***s’ were wiped from the site on Thursday following an online campaign.

Until Thursday, the top definition for ‘Aboriginal’ was ‘filthy black humans who inhabit Australia, abuse drugs and alcohol, sniff petrol and any other chemical they can get their hands on’.

‘Thieving anything they can carry, and bash and rob old people or those who can’t defend themselves,’ it said.

The post had more than 300 votes, and was therefore the first thing people saw when they clicked on the site.

Before we continue, I’d like to make an obvious point: the above definition is highly accurate.

Abos are the worst brand of niggers on the planet. I visited the city of Cairns in 2016 and those orcs made my stay an absolute misery. They were everywhere, constantly picking fights with white humans on the street, calling small children “cunts” and other colorful four-letter words, aggressively begging for money and much more.

Same species lol.

I don’t know how Australians put up with them. Then again, we are talking about a people who live on a continent packed with carnivorous trees and birds that can disembowel humans with their talons, so I guess they’re so accustomed to hostile wildlife that they barely notice them any more.

I’m always looking for an excuse to post this vid. For some reason I find the roo’s startled reaction after being punched hilarious, as though he was thinking, “dude I was just joking around, wtf man.”

A campaign to remove racist definitions from Urban Dictionary was created earlier this week by the Blackfulla Revolution Facebook page.

The page urged its followers to protest the appropriateness of the definitions.

The page also asked followers to submit new definitions to replace the old.

The campaign garnered more than 7,000 signatures in less than a week.

The petition described the definitions as ‘hurtful and dangerous’ and called for the owners of the site to pull them down.

In response to the backlash, the site deleted the racist definitions on Thursday.

The new top definition of “Aboriginal.” A little anti-huwhite if you ask me.

So there were no good (i.e., legal) reasons for the site to remove the original definitions. They just hurt the fee-fees of coloreds, so were removed and replaced with SJW definitions instead.

This is what the Internet has come to in the current year.

Instead of catering to these darkies’ demands without resistance, Urban Dictionary should have gone into TOTAL SHITLORD MODE and responded with, “we’ll be happy to remove those definitions if you can prove that they aren’t true.”

Seriously, the inevitable media blacklash would have benefited the site. The Internet has a serious drought of popular sites that still believe in actual free speech, so the ones that continue to guard their principles in the face of ongoing political oppression are practically guaranteed to expand their userbase over time.

Alas, the damage is done. Urban Dictionary fucked up and censored their site to appease a bunch of brainless nogs on another continent. They can easily recover from this minor bump, but they need to show more backbone in the future.

Censorship is a slippery, slippery slope.