Black Ex-Con Arrested for Strangling White Woman, Dumping Her Half-Naked Body in Garbage Can

Khphruan Campbell

We don’t know if the victim was a coalburner or not, but this is certainly how they tend to end up.

Daily News:

An ex-con has been arrested in Chicago for the strangulation of a woman whose body was found half-naked in a garbage can in a Bronx alley, police sources said Wednesday.

Khphruan Campbell, 39, who also goes by the alias Kaffron Kimeall, was nabbed by authorities in the Windy City on Monday for the murder of 38-year-old Becky Crown.

Crown’s body was found stuffed in a trash can on Park Ave. near E. 182nd St. in Belmont, across from the Metro-North train tracks, on April 20.

Campbell, who has family in Illinois, was staying at the home of someone he knows in Chicago when he was captured. He’s expected to be extradited back to the Bronx to be arraigned on murder charges.

Campbell did three years in prison after being convicted of attempted robbery and assault in Manhattan in 2014. His parole was expected to end in October.

A building super found Crown’s body in the trash can. Her corpse was clothed in a top but had no underwear or pants on, cops said.

The city Medical Examiner determined the cause of death was compression of the neck and chest and the case was ruled a homicide.

The super told the News he and investigators watched surveillance video showing a man pass through an open gate to head to an alley leading to the building’s basement. The man went down a small flight of stairs and dumped the woman into one of the three garbage bins that were lined up on one side of the alley.

Detectives also recovered video that shows Campbell with Crown before her death, sources said, but Campbell, who lived around the corner from where Crown’s body was found, had fled the state before NYPD cops could arrest him.

Becky Crown