Black Driver Gets Into Gunfight with Another Car – White Female Dies

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2018

We don’t need to wait for Mad Max.

It’s already here.


Andrew Holder is facing charges, although the other driver reportedly shot and killed his passenger. Prosecutors say Holder and the other driver exchanged gunfire during a violent road rage incident. His 31-year-old passenger Brandy Brock got caught in the crossfire.

Witnesses told IMPD officers Holder and the other driver flipped each other off while racing through traffic. The other driver told officers he first swerved to avoid a sewer cap.

When the two cars finally stopped at a light, witnesses told police that Holder reached out the window and fired his gun at the car stopped behind him. That’s when the other driver reportedly stepped partially out of his car and fired back.

Investigators say that bullet when through the trunk of Holder’s car, his back seat, then the front seat and struck Brock. Holder then drove to an Indianapolis fire station for help as the other driver went home and called 911.