Black Doctor Fails to Find Cervix and Removes Ovary by Mistake

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2014

Traditional medicine in Africa.

What else were the NHS expecting, by hiring a doctor who graduated at a university in Nigeria?

You could have placed bets on him being incompetent and a danger to his patients.

Like most Blacks, he denies being deficient in any way.

Salford Online:

A locum doctor working at Salford Royal Hospital has admitted removing a patient’s ovary during an operation that was ‘not clinically justified’.

Dr Benjamin Nnabugwu Ogbonna, a consultant gynaecologist, faced a fitness to practise hearing today at St James’ Buildings on Oxford Street in Manchester.

He removed the woman’s left ovary during a procedure at the Stott Lane centre on 9 March 2012.

The university of Nigeria has only just gotrunning water and is hoping to install washing machines by the end of the year. 

The inquiry alleges that Dr Ogbonna failed to provide appropriate or adequate care to 13 patients while a locum at Salford Royal Hospital.

The Medical Practicioners Tribunal Service heard that concerns were raised over his work in two 12-week placements at the Salford hospital between February and December 2012.

In one case, from 18 September 2012, it is alleged that Dr Ogbonna attempted to perform a hysteroscopy (a procedure to examine the inside of the womb) on a woman known as ‘Patient H’ but it “had to be abandoned because you could not find her cervix, or words to that effect”.

In an operation on ‘Patient B’ on 19 October 2012 Dr Ogbonna allegedly failed to explain that the procedure was irreversible and failed to obtain informed consent.

The University of Nigeria-educated doctor is facing a variety of charges on incidents including not adequately examining patients, offering inappropriate medication or treatment, failure to make referrals for hospital admissions, failure to correctly explain procedures and the risks and disadvantages, failure to follow Trust guidelines, failure to follow the advice of his colleagues and giving inaccurate and misleading information to colleagues.

Dr Ogbonna denies misconduct and deficient professional performance.

The hearing continues.

The Nigerian had been playing at being a Doctor at Salford Royal Hospital.